Landscaping Rocks 2

Add Your Heading Text Here Rocks are often an afterthought used to enhance a landscape design. They can make a significant impact when being considered

Composite Decking vs. Wooden Decking

While wood is the traditional choice of material for decks in San Diego, homeowners planning a renovation now have the option of using composite decking.

stamped concrete

Creative Way to Use Stamped Concrete

Enhancing the Beauty of Your Home Creative Ways to Use Stamped Concrete If you are looking for a material that will stand the test of

Deck tub turf

Hardscape Design

Hardscapes are the areas in the landscape that were created by man, including all its features. Examples of hardscapes are all the design elements that



5 Tips to Create Your outdoor living space The ability for homeowners to extend their living space outside is something that we all desire. An

Landscape Design with Paving Stone Accent Portion

Landscaping Pavers

Landscaping with Pavers Thinking about installing pavers (paving stones) in your landscape? Great! Pavers are a popular choice for exterior flooring for a good reason.

Ground Cover, Decorative grass, succulents and artificial turf

Plant Tips for Landscape Design

Softscape Plant Tips for Landscape Design Modern Landscape When trying to achieve a modern look clean lines are a must. Concrete stepping stones laid in

Wooden Fence

Popular Fencing Types for Your Home

Fencing Types for Your Home Fences are functional for privacy, property separation and safety. Fences can also be decorative and add beauty to the exterior

Landscape Design with Wood Mulch & Succulents

The Difference in Landscaping Categories

The Difference in Landscaping Categories Sometimes there is confusion among the different categories of landscape services. A  landscape company such as ours may provide more

Artificial turf with a leaf in the middle

The Benefits of Artificial Turf

Benefits of Artificial Turf A lush green patch of grass is always a very attractive. Although beautiful, grass isn’t always the ideal ground cover to