Things We Love About San Diego

We love San Diego, especially our little part of it in the city of Poway. There is a lot to love about it from the beaches to the mountains. While there are literally hundreds of reasons we can list, below are some of our favorite reasons that we love San Diego.

The Weather

There is a reason why San Diego is often referred to as “Sunny San Diego”. According to Best Places, gets about 38 days of precipitation per year and has about 266 Sunny days which is about the national average of 205 sunny days per year.

The Location

San Diego is in close proximity to many desirable destinations. From the center of San Diego, you can reach several beaches. Tijuana, Mexico via the world’s busiest border crossing, mountains or forest within a one hour drive.


Entertainment options about in San Diego abound with some being world famous. The San Diego Zoo – “You belong in the zoo” is how a well known jingle for the San Diego Zoo begins. The San Diego Zoo is famous for its conservation efforts. It also has a botanical collection that has over 4,500 species of plants. The San Diego Safari Park is also part of the zoo’s efforts to help wildlife. You can see wildlife in safari type of setting at the park.
Balboa Park – Balboa park has been designated for public use as a park since the 1800s. Balboa park is designated as a National Historic Landmark. Balboa Park is made up of 1200 acres. Within Balboa park you can find the zoo, and many museums with themes that include science, natural history, trains, art, photography and more.
Old Town San Diego – Speaking of historical sites, Old Town San Diego is known as the birthplace of California. There is a heavy Mexican and Spanish influence in Old Town San Diego. During the year you can enjoy celebrations such as Dia De Los Muertos where you can enjoy food and get your face painted in a traditional sugar skull face painting which has been popularized by Disney’s Coco.
The Hotel Del Coronado is a hotel finished in 1888 that rounds out the historical sites on the things we love about San Diego. L. Frank Baum, the author of the Wizard Of Oz, wrote several Oz books at the Hotel Del Coronado and even designed the chandeliers in their lovely Crown Room.
Poway Nature Attractions – We can’t leave out the great hiking and nature attractions you can see in our city of Poway!
Live Theatre – San Diego is a great city to enjoy live theatre. notes that San Diego has sent more shows to Broadway than any other city. If you want to be “in the know” when it comes to up and coming shows, you can see them in San Diego first!
Theme Parks – San Diego is home to famous theme parks. Seaworld is located in the Mission Bay area of San Diego. Seaworld heads many conservation efforts that focus on marine life. Legoland is located in the North County of San Diego and is a family friendly theme park that is geared towards families with younger children. While not a theme park, The San Diego Fair in Del Mar has rides and is always a popular attraction in the summertime.
Our San Diego People – We have served many of our neighbors in San Diego as home remodelers and have made many great relationships. San Diego is a melting pot where several different cultures intermingle. What we share is that most people in San Diego have a positive, laid back vibe. How couldn’t we with all the great things we have to enjoy?
Delicious Food – All the different cultural elements in San Diego bring along several varieties of delicious food. There are tons of Mexican eateries due to the close proximity to Tijuana. You can also enjoy great American, Korean, Indian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Jamaican and much, much more!
Microbreweries – San Diego has a great reputation for its microbrews. Independent beer makers like Little Miss Brewing serve up unique beers that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.
Wineries – Wine Country isn’t only in the northern bay area of California. San Diego County has a great wine scene. You can find a lot of great wineries on the San Diego Wineries map such as the La Finquita Winery in Ramona among others.
Night Life – The Gaslamp of downtown San Diego has a jumping nightlife. If drinks with friends is on your list, you will find many pubs to choose from.  If dancing the night away is your method of fun, you can choose the nightclub playing your favorite music.  If you are looking to see the latest box office smash, you can catch a movie and get food delivered to your seat at the TheatreBox.