Top Things to do in Poway, CA

Looking for something entertaining to do in Poway?  Need For Build has you covered

Many moons ago, the most interesting thing in Poway was a bunch of Cattle. Thankfully, that was Poway’s history. Poway has grown A LOT since then. Today, Poway has 50,000 residents.  You will never find yourself bored in our “City in the Country”. If you want to laugh or cry at a play or if lakes float your boat, we have you covered. Read along as I lead you through the top things to do in and around Poway, CA.


Lake Poway Boat Ramp
Boat Dock at Lake Poway
There is nothing as refreshing as nature. Poway is committed to it open space and has plenty to enjoy in this regard. This is inline with it slogan “The City in The Country”. Here is your chance to connect with the nature lover in you.
  1. Potato Chip Rock is a feature on the Mt Woodson Trail. As you may have guessed, it is named for its resemblance to a potato chip. Looking at it may not make you hungry, but the hike to get to Potato Chip Rock might.
  2. Mt Woodson trail is an out and back trail. It’s a great workout that leads to the Mt. Woodson Peak. It is 7.6 miles long and starts at Lake Poway. Poway residents park for free at Lake Poway. On weekends and holidays, non-Poway residents pay a $10 fee.
  3. Lake Poway is the water supply for residents of Poway and a recreation area offering a lot of opportunities for fun. You can enjoy boating, fishing, camping, picnics, hiking and archery! The address for Lake Poway is 14644 Lake Poway Road, Poway, CA 92064
  4. The Blue Sky Ecological Reserve is a grand 700 acre area where you can see mother nature at her finest. If flora and fauna is something you are interested in, come on down. Docents are available to lead you through the experience at the reserve.
  5. The hike to Iron Mountain is popular among residents all over San Diego County. You can find Iron Mountain at the east end of Poway Road. The Iron Mountain hike is 5.2 miles long. While 5.2 miles wont make you an Iron Man or Iron Woman, Iron Mountain a worthy way to get your workout and enjoy the view of Poway and beyond from the top of the mountain.
  6. The Goodan Ranch / Sycamore Canyon Preserve features over 10 miles of trails. The preserve consists of an area of 2,272 acres and Goodan Ranch is on the preserve. The 2003 wildfire burned the entire preserve but plants and wildlife have returned.
  7. If 2,272 acres is too big to take in, a 1.6 mile might be more in order. The Twin Peaks trail is 1.6 mile loop. This is a great place to walk your dog.


Poway Railroad Museum Waiting Area
  1. Poway-Midland Railroad museum was founded in 1991. Volunteers restore, preserve, and operate vintage railroad equipment. You can see a vintage collection of fully operational steam engines, trolley cars, and a mini-Speeder. If trains fascinate you, this is a great place to visit. The museum is located in Old Poway Park. Make a day out of it and visit the beautiful Nelson House as well.
  2. Poway has an interesting history. As I wrote at the beginning of this article, Poway was once an area where the mission would graze their cows. If you are a history buff, the Poway Historical Museum will give you lots of information on the interesting history of Poway.

Indoor Recreation

  1. You can catch a movie and a meal at the AMC Dine in 10 in Poway. This is a movie theatre and a restaurant all in one. If you like to eat and watch TV at home, this takes it to the next level.
  2. The Poway PowPAC community theatre has live performances if that is your preference. Drop by their website to see what is showing at the time you are reading this.
  3. The Poway Center also hosts live entertainment . You can see a variety of plays and performances to inspire you.
  4. Poway gives San Diego the opportunity to enjoy ice skating and ice hockey with it’s very own ice rink. If you are from a colder area of the country and miss those activities, you can come down to Poway ICE and put on a pair of skates.
  5. If you like to have fun by knocking down the pins, Poway Fun Bowl is the place for you. They have food, leagues and special events like karaoke, performances and trivia night.

But wait, there’s more!

This list of things to do in Poway offers a lot of ways to go out and spend your fun time. When it’s time to take care of the necessities in life Poway is also home to shopping centers, medical facilities and other resources.

By the way, you don’t always have to go out to enjoy Poway. Some of Poway’s 50,000 residents prefer to enjoy the beautiful weather in Poway and relax at home. It’s a great place to live. Need For Build is proud to offer design, build and remodeling services in Poway to make their homes comfortable and beautiful.

You can click on the links above to learn more about the activities and businesses mentioned on the list. This list is by no means comprehensive. You will find plenty of more places for fun and also food in our wonderful city. Need For Build loves Poway!