Resources in Poway, CA

Resources to find what you are looking for in Poway, CA

This article is written by Need For Build, remodel contractor in Poway, CA as part of a series to showcase our beloved “City in the Country”. Poway is a great city to live in. Poway’s first population growth happened when the Pacific Beach Railroad proposed a railway line that would make a stop in Poway. The railway line fell through when residents could not produce the necessary funds to make it happen. People took note of the rich soil and soon farming brought many more people to Poway. It has grown from a small farming town to a great city in San Diego County. With the growth came many resources to serve the residents of Poway. Here is a guide to many great resources in Poway, CA. Click on a link to learn more about that particular resource.

Retail Malls and Shopping

There are several choices for shopping in Poway. The shopping malls in Poway are small to medium sized. They contain formal restaurants, fast food, hair salons, mailbox stores, clothiers  and other services that families use. Here are a selection of notable shopping destinations in Poway

Twin Peaks Mall has a Target where you can buy most everything you would need from home furnishings to groceries. 

Creekside Plaza has a dine in movie theatre if you feel like munching at the movies. It is also home to Stater’s Bros. Market, Jiffy Lube and More.

Poway Promenade has the 99 cents only store where you can pick up some cost effective items and Smart and Final for your bulk grocery purchases. This is right across from our Need For Build offices by the way!

Stand Alone Retailer Locations

Costco is always popular with its members. If you are a Costco member or want to be one, Poway has you covered.

Walmart is the other popular retailer with no membership required. Just like Target and Costco, you can get a variety of most of the things you want here.


The Poway Unified School District is in charge of 25 elementary, 6 middle schools, 5 high schools and 1 continuation school. It should be noted that Poway made the U.S. News and World Report 2019 list for the best high schools in the United States. What an honor!


Poway is dedicated to preserving the “City in the Country” feel. Poway offers many chances to enjoy nature with mountains, trails and beautiful Lake Poway. If bowling, movies or ice skating is what you are seeking, Poway has that as well. An assortment of parks, museums, live theatre and more round out the entertainment options. You can read the article on our blog page that lists entertainment options in Poway to learn more.


Palomar Health is located at 15615 Pomerado Road, Poway, CA 92064 when you are in need of medical attention.

Post Office

The Poway United States Post Office branch is located at 13308 Midland Rd, Poway, CA 92064.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement for Poway is handled by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.

Fire Department and City Hall

With dry brush there is the potential for fire. You can find information for the Poway Fire Department on the official City of Poway website. At Poway.Org, you can find links to other Poway government resources as well.

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