Signs Your Windows Need To Be Replaced

5 Common Signs Saying It's Time to Replace Windows

Replacement windows offer increased energy efficiency and reduced home heating and cooling costs over old, drafty windows. Many San Diego homeowners believe that window replacement is an expensive project when in fact, over time you will cover and make a return on your investment. Review these warning signs to determine if your San Diego home if it’s time for replacement windows.


If you’re sitting in front of the window, you shouldn’t feel air passing through it. If you do feel a draft, it could be a sign the window is failing. In the short term, weather stripping can block the drafts to keep your home comfortable. The drafts will worsen, so getting a qualified San Diego window contractor is essential. The good news is home heating and cooling costs will come down once you replace old windows since the new windows will be airtight. 


Condensation outside window glass happens naturally in certain environmental conditions. Condensation between the panes of a double-paned or triple-paned window is a red flag. Specifically, condensation between window glass indicates that the window is failing. If more than two windows are affected replacement windows is the more economic choice.

High Energy Bills

Higher than average energy bills happen during heat waves or other extreme weather. If your bill remains higher than average for an extended period of time, it may be a sign that your existing windows are not airtight. To determine whether it’s the windows or another cause, we will send a qualified window team member to provide an assessment. This will help you identify the energy hog in your home and take decisive action to reduce energy use and save money.

Broken or Malfunctioning Windows

If your windows do not work as they should, perhaps it’s time to replace them. Consider replacement windows when your windows do not lock, when they cannot open or close smoothly, when they cannot stay up without a physical prop, and in other circumstances where operation has become challenging.

Unsightly Windows

You can see windows from outside your home. If you dislike the way they look, consider replacing them to boost curb appeal. Signs that a window needs replacement for aesthetic reasons include rotting sills or jambs, aged glass that looks streaky or discolored, chipped window glass, and broken panes of glass.

Let these five warning signs guide you in determining whether it’s time to replace your San Diego home windows and doors. When choosing Need for build for your window and door replacement, you’ll know you’ve made the right decision. You’ll enjoy your home comfortably in any weather and take pride in the way your house looks. At need for build we carry only the top windows and doors ensuring you San Diego window replacement you will begin to save money right away.

We have proudly been serving San Diego for over 15 years and pride ourself in providing quality window and door replacement to San Diego home owners, If you live in an HOA community, Need for build  make sure to meet all the requirements and have your project approved and completed per the guidelines. For more information on HOA approvals click here.

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