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Doron Benarroch                                       Registration # 111895 SP 

Angelo Subid                                         Registration # 133563 SP


” With a decade experience in the construction industry, I have developed a passion helping homeowners re-envision their homes. My goal is to help you see the hidden potential of your property and create a space that will be functional and inviting. “

 “Having built many relationships being in the hospitality and fundraising industries, I now bring my being “of service” focus to the home remodeling industry. I also have a passion in helping my clients achieve making their remodeling dreams become a reality. I always make it my goal to build long lasting relationships with homeowners and ensure their projects will last for years to come.”


Darrell Kucan                                   Registration # 148726 SP

Ramy Ganach

Moving to San Diego CA from Portland OR in 2002, I ventured into real estate after leaving my job as a handyman/maintenance supervisor.In 2006 I fired my boss, initially hoping to make millions flipping houses. Success didn’t come quickly, but after learning from failures, I found my stride Collaborating with numerous contractors, I discovered the value of aligning with the best, especially Need For Build, due to their exceptional customer service and integrity.I’m grateful to serve my community and clients and I look forward to making your dreams a reality.”

 “I have been involved in the construction industry since 1996, specializing in remodeling and various related projects. I have a deep passion for renovation, transforming older spaces into functional and beautiful places that bring our customers’ ideas to life. With a contractor license and extensive experience in project management, I am well-equipped to deliver high-quality results.”

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