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Outdoor cooking and dining is a great way to unwind, re-energize and entertain family and friends. Living in sunny California, you most likely want to make outdoor cooking a part of your routine. Building an outdoor kitchen is the way to go not only to enjoy the beautiful weather, but also to increase your property’s value. An outdoor kitchen can be as small as a BBQ with a counter top or you can choose to rival a restaurant kitchen and go all out. At Need for build, we have built many outdoor kitchens in San Diego in different sizes and with various ranging amenities. The configurations we can come up with for your perfect outdoor kitchen are endless. If you are looking for inspiration for your perfect outdoor kitchen configuration, here are a few pointers that will definitely get you in the right direction!

Space Considerations

Space is a primary consideration when planning for an outdoor kitchen. This is especially true if you are working with a small space. A compact kitchen can fit your desired appliances into a single counter. These are generally one straight counter or in an L shape. The first outdoor kitchen below features a BBQ grill, storage drawers and a smoker. The second one is straight and features a fridge, storage space, a grill and a smoker.  If you want a larger outdoor kitchen, your layout options increase. 

need for build
need for build
If you want a bigger outdoor kitchen, your layout options increase. If you want all the countertops connected, you can opt for a u-shaped kitchen like the one pictured below which features an in-counter firepit.
need for build
need for build
If you prefer to have separate sections, you can configure the layout in many ways. The first kitchen below has parallel countertops. The second kitchen has a U shape with cooking area and firepit plus a straight countertop with a sink against the wall.
need for build
need for build

OUTDOOR Kitchen Appliance Options

Depending on your wants and needs, you can have some or all of the appliances that are the equivalent of those in an indoor kitchen. These include a grill, a refrigerator, storage space and a sink. You can also have appliances that serve a special purpose. We’ve installed outdoor kitchens with spaces for beer kegs, smokers (see above) and special cooking areas like the Argentinian BBQ that we built in the picture below.
Finished Argentinian Barbeque 3
need for build

Outdoor Kitchen Utilities

To make appliances operational, they would require the same types of electrical, gas, and plumbing hookups as necessary. All areas within San Diego county will require permitting when you touch electrical, gas, plumbing or sewage. This is where we come in and prepared to handle the permitting process and HOA approvals as part of service to our clients. 

For more information regarding permits click here and HOA approvals click here. 

backyard remodel san diego
San Marcos Firepit Outdoor Kitchen

Amenities To Compliment An Outdoor Kitchen Space

Amenities can be added to your outdoor kitchen space to enhance your experience.  Adding extra counter space for dining is a popular option. Other popular amenities include patio cover, seating areas and fire pits which often go together as in the picture below. If you want the full package, you can go all out and make the area surrounding your kitchen into a complete outdoor living space. The great San Diego weather makes staying indoors optional on most days of the year. The space pictured below features a complete outdoor living area with a complete compact kitchen, deck, privacy fence, solid roof patio cover, fans, lighting, electrical outlets, dining area, seating area, pool, and pool cabana.
Outdoor kitchens are not a one size fits all project. Even the finishes and countertop materials used can be personalized to your taste. The pictures above have a tile finish, concrete finish, stucco finish and a wood finish. The countertops above are natural concrete, stained concrete and polished quartz. You can have your perfect outdoor kitchen for your yard and lifestyle. If you would like help with the design and / or build for your outdoor kitchen in San Diego county, call us at (858) 842-1962 or fill out the form below.

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