Window Replacement Guide

Other than a broken window, homeowners are often unsure when it is a good time to replace the windows in their home. When it comes time to replace windows, they can also be unsure of which type of windows to choose. Read on to learn when it is a good time to replace windows and your options for new window replacements.

The Signs that you need to replace your windows

You don’t need broken glass to know that it is time to replace your windows. There are several signs that will let you know it is time. Cost shouldn’t deter you from replacing windows as it can save you more in the long run if you replace windows as soon as you see the need.
  1. Old Windows – You haven’t replaced your windows in decades and have single pane windows. Window manufacturing technology has advanced greatly in recent times. Even if your windows are in pristine shape, the old technology could be costing you money. Many old windows were not developed to be energy efficient. Single pane windows are not as energy efficient as double or triple pane windows. If you want the compounding effect of lower energy bills, replace non energy efficient windows with newer energy efficient ones.
  2. The Weather Outside is Inside – If you can easily feel the weather change or hear the whistle of wind inside your home through the windows, you do not have a tight seal. This is a definite sign that you need to replace your windows.
  3. Noise – Just like the whistle of the wind, other noises from the outside can indicate that it is time to replace windows. New window technology helps to reduce noise pollution from outside of the home.
  4. Wear and Tear – Do a visual as well as functional inspection of your window. If your windows look out of shape and have become difficult to operate, it is time to get them replaced.  Difficult operation can indicate serious damage such as frame damage. If a window is damaged, you can be certain that you are not getting the maximum energy efficiency out of that window.

Types of Windows

When homeowners think of replacing windows, often times bedrooms and family room windows come to mind. Consider other windows like bathroom windows and sliding glass doors as well. Windows in those areas should be checked and replaced as well if necessary.

Window Locks

It is best not to leave locks as a second thought. Choose locks with as much care as any other part of the window. The American National Standard Institute has grading for locks that can help you choose. If your locks are broken, it is good to fix them immediately. Thieves often look for the easiest target.

Frame Materials

Popular frame materials for windows include aluminum, wood and vinyl. The most popular material today is vinyl.

Number of Panes

Double pane windows are more energy efficient than single pane windows. Double pane will also keep noise out better than single pane. Triple pane windows provide even more protection from noise and the elements than double pane although double pane may be perfectly fine for your home.


Argon or Krypton gas can be placed between panes of glass as additional insulation. Krypton is denser than Argon.

Window Manufacturers

Two popular window brands are Milgard and Anlin. We believe in the superior window technology and quality of Anlin windows. Anlin windows exceed Energy Star standards by 45%. They have a triple layer silver coating and are highly rated by homeowners. If you find that it is time to replace your aging windows, call Anlin installer Need For Build at (833) 806-2739 for a complimentary quote and superior installation and customer service. We look forward to serving you.