Value of a San Diego Home Remodel

How Much Does it Cost for Home Remodel In San Diego?

Many homeowners who are considering remodeling their home wonder if it is a worthy investment. The return a homeowner will see on a renovation depends on many factors including the location, the housing market in that location, time between the renovation and the valuation, and which upgrades are performed.

As far as location is concerned, San Diego homeowners in general are in a good position to get a better return on their remodel due to the high value of San Diego real estate. Some upgrades will give a homeowner great value in highly desirable areas vs other areas. HGTV states that bathroom and kitchen renovations can give great returns in hot housing markets.

According to CNBC, curb appeal upgrades are a good place to focus on for getting the best return on a home remodel since the outside is the first thing people see. The 2019 Cost vs. Value report published by Remodeling magazine confirms this, as the top 3 highest value returns are all outdoor upgrades.

In addition to curb appeal upgrades, some high return remodeling projects to consider include:

1) Kitchen Remodels

2) Bathroom Remodels

3) Deck Additions

Some maintenance remodels are more important than upgrades or additions. If an important part of the house is in disrepair, that would take priority before considering other work. The next upgrades to consider are upgrades that bring home areas up to date or match what would be expected for homes in that market. For instance if most houses in the area have 2 bathrooms and the home to be remodeled has one bathroom, it would be important to add an additional bathroom. If a home looks like it came from the 1970s, it may be important to update the areas that make it look like that if other homes in the area have an up to date look. It is also important to make any remodels be in-line with the style or the rest of the house. It may be jarring to have one area of the house be out of character with the other areas.

Last but not least, a homeowner will want to consider if they are going to remain in their house or sell. If they going to remain in the house, they don’t want to only upgrade for financial value. It would be wise to make it a place they are happy to live in. A homeowner cannot put a price on upgrading the home they will expect to live in for an extended period of time. This is a refuge, a place to relax, entertain guests, and create happy memories. It is best to do these in a setting that is enjoyable.

Yes, there are a few upgrades that can bring 100% plus returns from a financial standpoint if the intention is to sell soon. Otherwise, always consider the bigger picture of having the bathrooms, kitchens, landscapes and other home areas be places of beauty and functionality to enjoy.

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