Benefits of Artificial Turf

A lush green patch of grass is always a very attractive. Although beautiful, grass isn’t always the ideal ground cover to have in every environment. Considering that San Diego does not experience rainfall on a regular basis, natural lawn requires a lot of watering to stay alive and healthy. There are alternative ground covers such as wood chips, rocks and decomposed granite and artificial turf.
Keystone Wall Dividing Turf and Planter Area of Landscape
Artificial turf gives you the look of grass without many of the requirements to keep it looking nice. There are more benefits besides having the look of grass. This article will outline the benefits of using artificial turf as an alternative to grass. It will also reveal some of the different types of artificial turf available on the market and their differences.

No Regular Watering

Saving water is very important in Southern California where we have a large population and a limited supply of our own water in the region. Artificial turf doesn’t require any regular water. The only time you may need water is to clean an area of artificial turf if it gets soiled by a pet for example.

No Fertilizer, Pesticides or Weed Killer

Artificial turf doesn’t require any type of fertilizer. Ingredients in lawn fertilizer can negatively impact the surrounding environment by encouraging algae growth which reduces the amount of oxygen in the water.

Artificial turf does not attract pests. Since artificial turf has a weed barrier, it inhibits weeds from growing. There is no need for pesticides or weed killer.

No to Low Maintenance

Artificial turf doesn’t grow. It doesn’t need any type of maintenance in order to maintain its appearance. You don’t have to mow it yourself or hire a landscaping crew to maintain it. There is no need to purchase or operate electric or gas powered lawn instruments in order to keep the grass looking nice. Artificial turf saves you both time and money in the long run. No more weekend grass mowing! Just like watering, maintenance will be reduced to rare instances such as pet accidents.

Always Looking Good

Artificial turf will maintain its appearance through all of the seasons. You won’t get dry brown grass during a drought or muddy puddles after a heavy downpour. High quality artificial turf will hold it’s great look for many years. Some artificial turf are convincing enough to have people believe it is real grass.

Artificial Turf Options

High grade artificial grass is made polypropylene, polyethylene and / or nylon. All of these materials have different properties. Polypropylene is a popular material for artificial turf. It has the lowest melting point. This melting point is 320 degrees fahrenheit so there isn’t much to be concerned about. It is known for its affordability. Nylon is king for durability. The blades are known for maintaining their shape with a lot of traffic. Polyethylene is known for its realism. If realisting look and a soft feel for your grass is on your list of most important qualities, polyethylene is worth looking into.
Artificial turf has come a long way since its invention. If you tire of maintaining your lawn and look forward to a lower water bill, check out artificial turf. It will give your yard the green look you desire and save you green too!