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Signs that You Need a New Roof

The roof is an area of your home that you’ll want to keep in top shape. Maintaining your roof is not simply for cosmetic reasons. A solid roof is vital to the integrity of your home. Even if your roof looks good from a distance, you should check it periodically. Below we will go over the signs that you need to replace your roof.


Some roofs will have to be replaced more often depending on the materials used. The most common material used in San Diego roofs are asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles will usually last you about 20 years. Asphalt is usually the least expensive material as well. Stronger materials such as clay tiles (Spanish tiles) and slate stone tiles can last many years or more. Regardless of the material used, a roof should be inspected periodically. There are additional materials used in the installation that can become weather worn and have to be replaced.

Interior Signs

You always want to inspect for interior signs of roof damage. Stains are warping on the ceiling are indicators that moisture has been able to get in through the roof. As stated earlier, this can lead to structural damage. You also want to look for signs of damage in the attic. Look for signs of water damage as well as light coming through that would indicate gaps in your roofing.

Exterior Signs

One of the most obvious exterior signs of roof damage is missing tiles or tiles that are out of place. Extreme weather and time can dislodge tiles. If a look in your roof gutters reveals granules that have come off of tiles, it is a sign that your tiles are becoming worn down. Look for cracks in tile and curled or misshapen tiles. If you see green or black on your roof, it is likely a sign that moss or mold may be growing on your tile. If you see an area sagging in your roof, this is a certain sign of roof damage that needs to be addressed.

Replacement or Repair?

Depending on the extent of damage and age of your roof, an entire roof replacement may not be necessary. If your roof is not at the age that it needs to be replaced and the damage is in an isolated area, a repair may be the best route to go. As stated earlier, inspect your roof periodically. The frequency of inspection depends on the type of material used for your roofing. An inspection every three years is a good rule of thumb. Don’t neglect your roof inspections, or repairs and replacements as needed. Keeping on top of your roof will help protect your home and avoid more costly repairs.


Slate is not for those looking for an elegant stone. It has a rough, natural look. Slate is not as highly porous as many stones. The hardness of slate falls between marble and granite.


Quartzite is another popular natural stone. Quartzite has a durability similar to granite.  Quartzite has veins like marble though the veins aren’t as delicate. It is found in a fairly wide variety of looks. Like all natural stone, quartzite has to be sealed to prevent staining. Quartzite is generally priced higher than granite. Quartzite is a great choice for a beautiful, durable stone.


If you want a natural look other than stone, wood is an option. There are a number of wood varieties you can choose from. Wood varieties are of different strength but as a rule, wood is susceptible to dents and scratches. Wood countertops can be revived with refinishing. Just as with stone, sealing prevents liquid damage and the harboring of germs and bacteria. Bamboo is also worth mentioning here. Bamboo is a woody grass that has seen a rise in popularity for its look, strength and eco-friendliness.


Concrete is a trending choice of kitchen counter material. Like quartz, concrete can achieve many looks because it is an engineered product. Concrete is long lasting but of course, has to be maintained. One thing to be aware of is that concrete is heavy so the cabinets or island they are placed upon should be ready to bear the weight.


Porcelain is another choice of manufactured countertop. You can also achieve many looks with porcelain that can imitate other materials such as marble. Porcelain is very durable. It is even rated as more durable than granite. In addition to strength, porcelain is lighter than concrete.

Other Materials

There are other materials for kitchen counters. Some are not as commonly used such as recycled glass. Unique materials can give you conversation pieces if you don’t want to choose what is trending. There are also lower cost materials that are not recommended such as laminate which is basically a sticker on top of another surface.

Other Materials

All of the materials above are viable options for kitchen countertops. You ultimately have to know your priorities. Is real stone a must? Do you want low maintenance? Does your choice have to be eco-friendly? Find what material makes you happiest overall. We hope this helps you select the right kitchen countertop material for you!
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