Landscaping Rocks Guide

Rocks are often an afterthought used to enhance a landscape design. They can make a significant impact when being considered as an important feature of your landscape. You can incorporate different sized rocks into your design from huge boulders to tiny grains. The following are some of the types of rocks you can use when designing your landscape.


Boulders are your extra large rocks. Usually you will have fewer of these than smaller sized garden rocks. Boulders can be used as a focal point with smaller rocks or plants surrounding the boulder or group of boulders. With the right shape, a boulder can double as a functional design piece such a seat or stand for another item.
Front Yard in Clairemont area of San Diego with artificial turf, concrete pavers, rock ground cover, palm tree

River Rocks

River Rocks are rocks that have been smoothed out by years of erosion, crashing and rubbing against other rocks, sand and silt in the water. The same type of rocks can be found in the ocean due to the same process. River Rocks can be used as a type of ground cover. They are generally used to cover focused areas. A popular use it to emulate a dry riverbed or place them in groups and intermingled them with a planted area.
Landscape Renovation River Rocks various size


Pebbles are often used decoratively and functionally. If you want to cover large areas of ground with rocks, pebbles are a popular size to use. Some ideas are using them to cover, paths and unpaved driveways. Pebbles can be used around the base of a tree and as mulch for planted areas.

Crushed and Decomposed Rocks

Crushed and Decomposed Rocks such as decomposed granite are often used to on walkways and unpaved patio areas. Decomposed granite can be used in many of the same places and manners that pebbles are provide a different look. Decomposed granite will have more of a single tone look and will look smoother as well.
Landscape Design with Vinyl Fence, Decomposed Granite, Artificial Turf
You can use the various sizes and types of rocks in various designs and functions. As with anything artistic, you just have to engage your creativity. Next time you are considering rocks for your landscape design, consider the ways that they cannot only enhance your landscape but also be a long lasting, durable feature for your landscaping design.