Landscaping Concrete

Concrete has been around since ancient times and can be found in many famous structures. Concrete is still in use today in everything from bridges to homes.  Let Need For Build show you how you can use concrete in your exterior renovation projects. 

Concrete is a popular material to include when designing your landscape. Concrete is made up of various forms of rock, sand, gravel and water. Often times people only think of gray walkways when mentioning concrete when in fact, concrete is much more versatile in design and utility. Concrete is also durable and can withstand many uses.

Durability of Concrete

Concrete comes in different grades of strength denoted by an M followed by a number. The M is for the mix proportions of the materials in the concrete. The higher the number after the M, the higher strength rating. Concrete with a rating of M20 has 1 part cement, 1.5 parts sand, and 3 parts aggregate coarse material. It has a strength rating of 20 MPa which equals 2900 psi. This is the rating for the amount of pressure the concrete can bear before cracking or failing. M20 is a common rating of concrete for outdoor slabs.

Design Options for Concrete

Concrete can yield a wide variety of designs, it can imitate the look of other materials or have a look all its own as well. Stamps gives concrete various textures. Some popular stamped concrete designs include wood plank, flagstone, brick, slate, cobblestone. Many more stamps are available so you can have the perfect texture you are looking for.

Concrete stains are used for coloring concrete. Concrete stains hold the color very well because the stain penetrates the concrete unlike paint. Use stains with stamps to imitate different materials with your concrete from wood to leather. You can let your mind run wild with all the designs you can achieve with stamps and stains for your concrete.

Uses For Concrete

There are countless structural ways to incorporate concrete into your landscape design. Below are some of the popular uses.
  • Stairs- Concrete stairs are a long lasting outdoor option to pave an incline.
  • Walkways- Walkways are a classic use for concrete. It remains a popular choice.
  • Driveways- Concrete has also long been the standard for driveways.
  • Flooring- Concrete is a popular choice for patio flooring. It can used for your interior flooring as well.
  • Countertops- You can use concrete for your indoor and outdoor kitchen countertops as well.
  • Paving Stones- Concrete can be used as paving stones. Remember you can stamp and stain the concrete paving stones to achieve the particular look you want.
  • Fireplace- An outdoor fireplace is always a treat. As a side note, regular concrete blocks are not suited for fire.
  • Fire Pit- A fire pit is like your own personal campfire you can enjoy with your family and friends.
  • Benches- Concrete benches can be placed around your fire pit to give you a permanent campfire setting with seating. No more looking for folding chairs.
  • Planters- Concrete planters have a modern and durable look. You won’t have to replace them as often as a wood planter and they won’t chip as easy as terra cotta pots.
Are you inspired for your next concrete landscape project? Use your imagination and I’m sure you can find many more uses for this wonderful material for your landscape. It would be amiss not to say that concrete is gaining popularity for interior renovations as well.