The Difference in Landscaping Categories

Sometimes there is confusion among the different categories of landscape services. A  landscape company such as ours may provide more than one of these services. To clear up any confusion, we define the functions of different landscape categories below.

Landscape Design

Landscape design involves the planning out and creating a representation of your enhanced landscape. The landscape designer takes the concept and makes a drawing or computer 3D design. The finished design will demonstrate how the landscape will look and function.
Front Yard in Clairemont area of San Diego with artificial turf, concrete pavers, rock ground cover, palm tree

Landscape Architecture

Landscape architects perform Landscape Architecture. Landscape architects are generally called for large scale projects. Landscape architecture it is very much related to landscape design. Landscape architects may have some advanced training or degrees. In California, a landscape articient will be licensed by the California Architects Board. Many residential projects would not need a licensed landscape architect. If a landscape architect is required, you are able to verify their license by going to the California Architects Board website at the following link

Landscape Contractor

Landscape contractors are licensed to perform landscape construction work. In California, a landscape contractor will be required for any type of extensive work on your landscape. This generally involves hardscape work such as retaining walls. You can verify a landscape contractor’s license on the California State Contractors Board of California’s website at the following link
Ground Cover, Decorative grass, succulents and artificial turf

Landscape Construction

Landscape Construction is the implementation of the landscape architecture plans or landscape design. Landscape construction generally refers to hardscape functions such as building walls, laying pavers, constructing shade structures, doing cement work and similar. Once again, most of this will require a licensed landscape contractor to complete.
Outdoor Kitchen

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance is the upkeep of your landscape. This involves cutting grass, trimming bushes and trees, watering, fertilizing, replacing dead plants, and cleaning hardscape structures. This does not usually involve any repair work.

What you will need for your landscape project

Knowing which type of landscaping professional you need will save you from calling the wrong companies or having unlicensed work done when a license is required. Do your homework before allowing a person do any major work on your yard. If you have any questions or you suspect your job will be over $500, get professional input from a licensed contractor to see what is required. Unlicensed work can be dangerous and will very likely put you in the position of being fined by the authorities. If you are worried that a contractor would tell you a license is required for your project in order to get the job, don’t worry. A respectable contractor would not violate the ethics required of them in order to keep their license in good standing. Hopefully this advice and descriptions help you understand what you need for your particular project to make your landscape the one you’ve always wanted.