How Much Does It Cost to Redo Landscaping?

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Your outside space can be transformed by landscaping, giving it a more attractive, comfortable, and enjoyable appearance and use. However, weather effects, deterioration, and shifting tastes may eventually force you to think about remodeling your landscaping. However, everyone is still curious about the expense of landscaping replacement. Numerous factors affect the answer to this question, which we shall go into great depth about in this post.

Size and Scope of the Project

The cost of redoing your landscaping depends significantly on the size and scope of the project. Small projects like adding a few plants or updating a small flower bed will naturally cost less than a complete overhaul of a larger area. To get an accurate estimate, it’s essential to measure the square footage of the area to be landscaped and create a rough design plan.

Labor Costs

Labor is a significant cost component in any landscaping project. The amount of labor will depend on how complicated the task is and how long it takes. Location-specific labor prices vary, but generally speaking, urban locations will cost more than rural ones. engaging a basic work crew will be less expensive than engaging skilled labor, such as a professional landscape architect or designer.

Materials and Plants

The cost of materials and plants can vary greatly. For instance, the kind of mulch, stones, pavers, soil, and other hardscape materials you select can have a big impact on the final cost. The budget will also be greatly impacted by the selection of plants and trees, considering factors like size and maturity. Plants that are rare or exotic typically cost more than common ones. Remember that choosing native plants is frequently a more economical and sustainable choice.


Hardscape Features

In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, hardscape elements such as patios, walkways, retaining walls, and decorative pieces are useful. Hardscape elements may get expensive, particularly if you use premium materials and elaborate patterns. The size and complexity of these elements will significantly impact the final cost.

Irrigation and Drainage

For your new landscaping to succeed in the long run, it is imperative that it has appropriate drainage and enough irrigation. Depending on the size of your landscape and the intricacy of the project, the cost of building an irrigation system or enhancing current drainage may change.


Your landscape’s security and beauty can both be improved with outdoor lighting. The quantity, kind, and selection of energy-efficient lighting options—such as LED—will all affect how much lighting installation will cost. Although they may cost slightly more upfront, high-quality, low-voltage lighting solutions can result in long-term energy cost savings.

Design and Planning

Especially for bigger and more intricate projects, hiring a qualified landscape architect or designer can be a smart financial decision. They may design a carefully considered strategy that makes the most of your outside area. Their costs, which normally range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, can, however, increase the final cost, contingent on the project’s size.

Permits and Regulations

Permits and clearances from local authorities may be required, depending on your region and the type of project. It is imperative that you account for the potentially wide range of permit costs when creating your budget. Future delays and extra expenses may result from not obtaining the required licenses.

Site Preparation

The condition of your current landscape will impact the cost of redoing it. If your existing landscape requires significant site preparation, such as grading, removing old structures, or clearing out overgrown vegetation, this will increase the overall cost of your project.

Maintenance and Ongoing Costs

It’s crucial to take your new landscape’s ongoing maintenance and operating expenses into account in addition to the initial outlay. Costs for general maintenance, fertilization, pruning, and watering are included in this. Native plants and low-maintenance landscaping designs can help reduce ongoing costs.

DIY vs. Professional Landscaping

You may significantly reduce the cost of replacing your landscape by doing it yourself (DIY). Having the necessary tools and knowledge to complete the task effectively is crucial, and you must be conscious of your limitations. Hiring pros from the beginning can save money on fixing a badly done do-it-yourself project.

Budgeting for Contingencies

In any landscaping project, it’s wise to budget for contingencies. Unexpected issues or changes in plans can arise, and having some financial flexibility will help you navigate these challenges without derailing the project.

Now that we’ve covered the various factors that influence the cost of redoing landscaping let’s look at some ballpark figures and examples.

Sample Cost Breakdown

  • Small Landscaping Project

A modest landscaping job, like refinishing a front yard flower bed or starting a little garden space, should cost between $1,000 and $5,000. This budget would cover basic materials, plants, and labor.

  • Medium-Sized Landscaping Project

A more complex improvement could cost you $5,000 to $20,000 or more, such as a total redesign of your front or garden. This budget permits more options for hardscape elements, materials, and expert design help.

  • Large Landscaping Project

If you’re planning a comprehensive transformation of a larger area, such as a complete backyard overhaul with multiple hardscape features, extensive planting, and professional design, the cost can easily exceed $20,000, ranging from $20,000 to $50,000 or even more.

  • High-End Landscaping Project

Costs can rise dramatically for people who want their landscaping to be luxurious and distinctive, with upscale materials, personalized designs, and premium plants. Furthermore, it is important that you should be aware that these are only estimates. The actual costs may be different depending on the extent of the job, your location, and the material selection. Therefore, to get a more accurate cost estimate for your particular job, it’s normally a good idea to get quotes from different landscaping businesses.

Reducing Landscaping Costs

While landscaping can be a significant investment, there are ways to manage and reduce costs:

  • Plan Carefully: A well-thought-out plan will help you avoid costly changes and revisions during the project.
  • Choose Native Plants: Native plants are often more affordable and require less maintenance.
  • Do It Yourself: If you have the skills and time, consider handling some of the work yourself.
  • Shop Smart: Look for sales, discounts, and bulk deals on materials and plants.
  • Prioritize: If your budget is limited, focus on essential elements and add decorative features later.
  • Regular Maintenance: Make the necessary maintenance investments to ensure your landscaping looks nice for many years to come.

Varied Costs of Landscaping

In conclusion, a variety of factors influence the price of landscaping renovation. Hence, the overall cost can differ significantly, spanning from several thousand dollars to well over six figures. The ultimate cost of a project is heavily influenced by a number of factors. This includes its size and scale, labor expenses, materials and plants, irrigation, lighting, hardscape features, design and planning, permits, site preparation, upkeep, and whether to DIY or hire professionals. While the initial investment may seem daunting, careful planning, and cost-saving strategies like using native plants doing some tasks yourself, and prioritizing essential elements can help manage and reduce costs. Moreover, budgeting for contingencies and regular maintenance will ensure your new landscaping remains beautiful and functional for years to come. To get an accurate estimate, it’s advisable to seek quotes from multiple landscaping companies that can take into account the specific requirements of your project and location.

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