Guide To Granny Flat Design

Now is a great time to build a granny flat in San Diego considering the many incentives offered to residents by the County of San Diego. It’s exciting to think about having a nice little casita built on your property. This would give you a lot of new opportunities such as increased space and a chance to make income from your flat.

Building a granny flat is no simple task. You will need the help of an experienced general contractor and designer to make your flat a reality. They can help you navigate all of the requirements and avoid the pitfalls that can happen in the process. They can also make your flat a work of perfection by drawing from their vast design and build experience.

Laws and Permits

Though this article is mainly concerned with design, it’s important to note that you should do things by the book. This includes abiding by all laws and getting the necessary permits. If your home is governed by an HOA, it might be of interest to know that they cannot prohibit you from building an accessory dwelling unit. You will still otherwise have to abide by the other rules of an HOA such as design specifications.

The Exterior Look of Your Flat

It’s important that the exterior look of your granny flat compliments your home. This is especially true for attached units. Separate units have a little more flexibility on the exterior design. This is especially true if you have a large yard and the flat is further away from the main home.

The Illusion of Space

Even though granny flats may be low on space, they don’t have to look that way. There are a few ways to give your flat a spacious appearance. Large windows make your interior look larger by incorporating the space outside of your flat into the view. Mirrors also give the illusion of a larger space. Add lighting to any areas that look dark with recessed lighting as light makes things look more spacious.

Floor Space and Storage

Storage is a big concern for granny flats due to their small size. Floor space will be a premium. This is the case for any small dwelling such as an apartment or condo. To make maximum use of the space available, follow the tips below.

Vertical Wall Space

Utilize vertical space on the walls. Shelves are the easiest way to do this. You have option of utilizing the whole wall from floor to ceiling. Make sure you keep your most frequently used items on easily accessible shelves. Cabinets are another solution if you would like your items stored behind doors. Table space can also be connected to the wall and folded up when it isn’t needed. Fold up beds are another option as well.

Furniture with Storage Compartments

Furniture with built in storage space is popular in small spaces. Beds with drawers on the side and pull out drawers underneath give you ample room for clothes and other items. Couches are another piece of furniture that can contain multiple compartments for storage. Last but not least, tables have multiple ways to add storage including drawers and shelving underneath the tabletop.

Multi Use Furniture

Making the most of each piece of furniture is a great way to save on space. Foldaway beds or futons are perfect for sleeping at night and couch seating for the day. Tables can be utilized as a desk when not being used for dining. There are many creative ways to use your furniture for more than one purpose.

We hope these ideas help you when planning the design of your granny flat. If you need help and would like to discuss your granny flat project with our experts at Need For Build, call us at (833) 806-2739 or fill out our contact form. We will set you up with a complimentary consultation with one of our experts.

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