Common Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling

Mistakes Home Owners Should Avoid

Embarking on a remodel is an exciting time for homeowners. Although exciting, a homeowner does well to do their homework before starting a remodeling project. A lot can potentially go wrong. We’ve documented a few of the most common remodeling mistakes we see homeowners make to help you have a smooth experience from start to finish.

Planning and Permits

One of the biggest mistakes we see homeowners make is failing to plan thoroughly before embarking on a remodeling project. Homeowners should plan their designs completely. They should also be aware that all proper permits have been obtained. We recently had a homeowner contact us who was being fined $100 daily by the city for putting a wall on their property that was not up to code. If they had planned their design and obtained proper permits beforehand, they would have saved both time and money.

Long Term Vision

A homeowner should consider the long term vision when planning their design. Trendy design elements may seem attractive in the moment but will likely fall out of favor. If a homeowner plans to sell their home in the future, the passé design may make their home a more difficult sell. If selling is likely, consider less trendy, future proof designs.

Older Homes

Homeowners with older homes will do well to check for potential asbestos and lead issues in their home. Homes built before 1984 should be checked for asbestos, especially in the ceiling. Homeowners with homes built before 1978 should check for lead paint on the walls. If the homeowner finds lead or asbestos, they need to make plans to have it removed by a qualified company before any other phase of the remodel.

Hiring Help

Another mistake homeowners tend to make is not doing their research on the reputation and qualifications of a company or contractor they’re hiring. Online reviews should give an overall feel for customer experiences with a remodeling professional. Proper licensing shows that the company is qualified for the type of work they are being hired for. In addition to proper licensing, a company should be bonded and insured for the financial protection of the homeowner. We had a call from a homeowner who hired a handyman to remove a popcorn ceiling which contained asbestos. The handyman was not asbestos abatement certified. The handyman did not take the proper steps to contain asbestos. As a result, the homeowner was forced to hire an additional company that was certified to clean up the asbestos and complete the work.

The Lowest Bid

A final mistake we see people make is hiring cheap. Low bids often come with shoddy workmanship that may not reveal itself until years later. We are not the cheapest remodeling company in San Diego, yet customers have come to us because they were not happy with the work done by a previous contractor and given us rave reviews. Although there is no reason to overspend, a remodel is an investment and a subpar remodel can cost you more than investing properly in the first place.


The biggest takeaways in this article are as follows:
  1. Plan all aspects of your remodel thoroughly.
  2. Do your research when you hire a contractor.
  3. Make a proper investment in your remodel.
Paying attention to these three aspects of a remodeling project should give you a much better remodeling experience than neglecting them. If you would like a complimentary quote on your project by a remodeling professional at Need For Build, call us at (833) 806-2739 to schedule a consultation.