The Need For Build Bathroom Remodeling & Design Guide

Americans spend a significant amount of time in their bathrooms. Bathrooms are a place to retreat from a challenging day or the place to launch yourself into a brand new day. This makes the time spent in the bathroom even more critical. It’s no wonder that the bathroom is a popular area in the home to remodel. Having a bathroom with a spa like feel helps people get refreshed and energized. If your bathroom isn’t up to snuff and you want to remodel, it’s important to consider all parts of your restroom comprehensively so you can plan well. This is more likely to get you good results that just haphazardly throwing the different parts of your remodeling project together.

This article will bring the different aspects of a bathroom remodel together. Remember to document. Documentation helps you look at the whole plan comprehensively. This way you can see if anything is missing or out of place.


It’s difficult to conceive of a cohesive and complete design straight from your mind. Inspiration from other bathrooms can help you get ideas for your bathroom. Fortunately we have the internet and pictures of beautiful bathrooms are only a search away. If you like a particular style such as modern, classical or country add those words to your internet search for bathroom pictures. You will find plenty of inspiration for your own bathroom. Remember to consider how the designs you like will translate to your space. If you need help, a professional designer can take what you like and mold it into a design that works well for your space. Following are some of the areas you will consider for your design.

Shower, Bath or Both?

Whether you want a shower, bath or both can depend on the space you have available. With the rush of modern society most people prefer to have a shower if there is only one option. Combos save space and give you the option of shower or bath. If space allows, a separate bathtub and shower is a nice way to go.

Optional materials for a standing tub range from cast iron, steel to acrylic. Optional materials for your shower can be tiles, stone, fiberglass and more. You can achieve a wide variety of designs by incorporating tiles. Mixed tiles can achieve waterfall effects and create patterns and variations of color inside your shower niches.

Benches are a nice addition to your shower so you don’t always have to stand. Frameless showers are elegant looking although some people prefer the look a frame. Your shower pan can be tile or one piece made of acrylic or fiberglass.

All the materials mentioned have their advantages and disadvantages in price, beauty, durability and functionality. Do your homework on each type of material to see if it fits your situation and desires.


Tile is the most popular option for bathroom flooring. There are many alternatives on the high end and low end from laminate to concrete. If you would like stone tiles, they are available in different types of stone. They are also available in porcelain and ceramic. Besides style and budget, some of the things to consider when choosing bathroom flooring material are durability and slickness when wet. Some stones like slate are less slippery than other options. This is very important if you have seniors or other’s prone to slipping in the home.


When considering lighting, note the functions you need the lighting to perform. General wash lighting is used to light up an entire space. Spot lighting is often used to provide extra light over a particular area. A popular use of spotlighting is over the vanity area to groom and apply makeup. A waterproof recessed light above the shower is good for safety and is also a requirement in code. Lighting such as a pendant over the bathtub can be more decorative in nature. Lighting can be recessed, hanging or attached.

Vanity and Storage

A vanity is often made up of several different sections. These include a mirror, sinks, counter and storage cabinets.

Decide on the type of material you want for your countertops and sinks. Popular materials for the countertops include stones such as granite and marble, manufactured quartz and tile. Materials for sinks can be enameled iron, steel, porcelain and more.

For your cabinets, decide whether you want prefabricated, semi-custom or custom cabinets. If you decide on prefabricated cabinets, be sure that they fit your space. Custom and semi-custom cabinets are more costly but can be worth it in the long run to get the perfect cabinets for your bathroom.

If you have the space available, you may also consider additional storage cabinets outside of the vanity to store towels and other items often used in the bathroom.


Choosing fixtures is more than the finish such as brushed aluminum or copper. You also want to consider the style and shape of the fixture. Using water conserving fixtures are not only good for your budget but good for the environment. Some fixtures have additional functionality such as handheld showerheads with a hose and showerheads with different spray settings. Find what features will make the bathroom experience richer for you.


Besides color and style, the choice of toilet is also another area where you can save water. Make sure the toilet size is right. Decide whether an elongated or round bowl works better for you and your situation. Heated toilet seats are always welcome on cold days. Self cleaning toilets can save you a chore.


Be certain to hire professionals where necessary. Obtain all necessary permits and approvals to perform the remodel. A good professional contractor will see that this gets done whether they guide you or do it themselves. Have a plan for what you will do when your bathroom is being remodeled as it will most likely be out of commission during the time. Plan well, be prepared and be patient. You will soon be having that bathroom is a place or rest and relaxation.